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This caption is why I don't even look at a scale during the holidays. 😀 I got to spend a great couple of days with family and I hope everyone did too. Now it is time to remember recipes for left over turkey and read something new.
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Ok so I always seem to have a to be read pile. It happens. One on that list has just come out Nalini Singh's Archangel's Prophecy.
So far I am looking forward to the read. However and this is my rant lol I have seen a lot if people complain that it ends on a cliffhanger. How they won't read anymore of her books because they hate hate cliffhangers.
Now I hate cliffhangers too but that does not mean readers should rant and be mean when talking about or to the author. Writing is their passion as well as their job. The good ones make you forget the real world and become invested in their creation. It's  awesome. That does not mean you take it out on them when something happens that you dislike. That's  just wrong. Just like movies and songs there will always be one or two you don't like. It does not mean you give up on an author. I have read books I didn't  enjoy from authors I rave about, doesn't stop me from reading the next book. Some people just need …

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I saw this on pintrest and of course liked it a lot. Then I clicked on the link. I liked the post.
While we are getting long wanted rain here in Texas I am deciding on if I want to continue with multiple points of view or stick with just the one.  There are advantages to both depending on how much the other points of view add to the story.  Currently I only have a few scenes with the alternate points of view.  In my mind that means I should do one of two things. Expand those views by adding more of them or taking them out completely.   So for the moment here is a piece from Rafe's Point of view:

Rafe scowled at the paperwork before him. He had moved into the Alpha’s house after the ceremony. It was still a mess but a few of the pack owned a cleaning service and were happily chasing dust bunnies. Esther had insisted, stating the Alpha stayed in the main house. The fact that it had fallen into disrepair hadn’t been said aloud. The area the pack lived in butted up against the reserve they used and covered twenty acres of its own land. Looking out the window he sighed before going…

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I'll admit I was on pintrest.