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New Authors

I am always looking for new authors to read. I guess that is what makes e-books so great for me. I see it as an opportunity for authors to publish that may not be able to find agent. Of course the reason why could be anything. This route has its up and downs of course. Upside, complete control. Downside, you have to make sure your work is ready and I do mean ready. That means making sure you work is edited and free of typos, and misspelling. Also, you have to advertise your book yourself with an author's presence online. Of course that also means many of these authors rely on word of mouth. One new author that I have found is Helen Harper. Harper is the author of the Blood Destiny series. She is also a self published author, and one I would highly recommend. I came across her series on The first book in the series is Bloodfire. First I would like to say I love that fact that the book starts off in Cornwall. I grew up in Falmouth. Originally I simply chose t…

Released books

Yeah, as I hop up and down I am looking forward to reading two new books. The latest in the Kate Daniel Series by Ilona Andrews: Magic Breaks
The second one the latest in the Elantra series by Michelle Sagara: Cast in Flame
Below are some of the books in the series.
I will post the series in order for each book soon. Widgets