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Back to work

Well after the start of school, work, and then spring break it is time to do some more reading. So I search Amazon.

I started off with Assassin Queen by Chandra Ryan.

Ryan introduces Lilavati a princess without a home. On the promise of a new child she is forced to choose exile as a teenager or face her own death. Surviving a new harsher life Lilavati has become a deadly assassin. Upon hearing of her mother's death she hatches a plan to carry out her vengeance against the creator of her banishment, her step-father.
Helping her are the men she has worked with the past ten years and the sorcerer Kirin. A man who wants her even if she keeps him at bay with a long ago made promise to another.
As she returns to carry out her plan she finds her kingdom in ruins and another plotting against her. An easy assassination turns out to be a little bit more complicated. Old promises betrayed and new love adds even more.

First impression this books sounds good so I began to read. The story start…