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World building

So I was looking at the piece I am working on and realized I hadn't really done any world building. Some authors don't go in depth with theirs and just let is flow. Others have a notebook with everything broken down.  Or in Tolkein's case create a whole new language.
Of course depending on what  you are writing will depend how you go about. With Science fiction an author gets to create whole systems, and species. The sky so to speak is the limit. You can create a world with no land but is filled with water. If water exists that is. There are endless possibilities. I think it is why I love reading that genre. A large blob of whatever can be a life form. Veronica Sicoe has a good article about it: 13 Worldbuilding Questions. She gives you a starting place.
With Urban Fantasy there are so many routes to go as well. Alternate reality where magic exists side by side with science or is hidden. Where science never took off and magic is the dominant aspect of your world. Writer's Edit has a good article to about world building. I love pinterest and one of the things I saw was a what if post. What if a fairy ran a coffee shop and you could get a shot of luck with your latte. I loved that idea and plan on working that type of stuff into my work.

I have come to the conclusion that world building falls under that same view as plotting your novel out. Every author does it differently. Back to scowling at my screen as I figure out where I want to go.

Ever wondered how to make your fantasy fiction authentic? It all starts with world-building...

Veronica Sicoe's Article

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website update

Due to multiple issues with using wordpress on my yahoo controlled homepage I found that I could forward the website address to my blogger site. This makes things easier because A: I have a place that looks better, and B: it leaves me only one place to update. That will helpfully be easier with my work schedule to do. Here is hoping.

Wrath of the Goddess by Lauren Dane

Yes, one I have been waiting so patiently (not really) for.