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Ivy Granger Series

Shadow Sight by E. J. Stevens.

Always looking for new things to read I bought this book on the recommendation from amazon, which sometimes they get right, sometimes not so much.
Ivy Granger fears all touch due to her gift of psychometry. Using her ability in her job as a private detective is her way of making a good thing out of the bad. Something her bad luck plagued friend Jinx suggested. Her life gets more complicated when she makes a deal with a Demon - worse a Demon lawyer- to find the Kelpie king’s bridle.
Ivy is an interesting character; she has flaws beyond her obvious issue with touch, such as her dislike for the Fae. That ability alone is an interesting. She does however seem to rely on others quite a bit and I would really like to see her stand on her own a little more.
The book introduces a variety of species. Vampires in real estate, a nice path rather than something that sparkles, although a down side is there is a little more tell rather than show. There are a lot of intro…

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays. I hope this finds every one ready for one of the hectic times in the year.  Good Reading, personally I am reading  "Wild Card" by Lisa Shearin, a short story the happens befpre  her Raines Benares series. 
And when I get get done with that I will be re-reading E. J. Stevens "Ivy Granger" series. Widgets