Thursday, February 5, 2015

Edged Blade by J. C. Daniels

First I want to say that I was privileged enough to be able to read this before it came out.  When I got the email I did dance in my seat.

J. C. Daniels is the alter ego of Shiloh Walker.
Kit is introduced in the short "A stroke of Dumb Luck".

I love Shiloh Walker's work so when she stated that she was publishing under another name I was quick to snap it up.

Edged Blade picks ups where Broken Blade left off. Kit is slowly putting her life back together, she's finally healing and part of that healing is taking things a step further with Damon.
As far as couples go, I am rooting for these to and each book makes me want to see what happens next with these two.

In this installment Justin again is asking for Kit's help this time with missing witches.  As with anything else in Kit's life, nothing is never easy. Soon the group find out that more than just witches are missing.

I enjoyed the newest story in Kit's world and had very few things I didn't like. The pace was decent and she introduced a few monkey wrenches into from Damon's past.
I would have to say that the only thing I was expecting but didn't get to see was what is going to happen with her sword. In the previous book there were hints that her bond could be reestablished and yet there was little to no mention of it in this one.

All in all I would recommend the whole series to anyone who enjoys Urban fantasy and what to read something new. Can't wait for the next one.

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