Sunday, September 9, 2018

While we are getting long wanted rain here in Texas I am deciding on if I want to continue with multiple points of view or stick with just the one.  There are advantages to both depending on how much the other points of view add to the story.  Currently I only have a few scenes with the alternate points of view.  In my mind that means I should do one of two things. Expand those views by adding more of them or taking them out completely.   So for the moment here is a piece from Rafe's Point of view:

Rafe scowled at the paperwork before him. He had moved into the Alpha’s house after the ceremony. It was still a mess but a few of the pack owned a cleaning service and were happily chasing dust bunnies. Esther had insisted, stating the Alpha stayed in the main house. The fact that it had fallen into disrepair hadn’t been said aloud. The area the pack lived in butted up against the reserve they used and covered twenty acres of its own land. Looking out the window he sighed before going back to staring at the paper idly wondering if he could get away with shredding it he felt his nail elongate.
“It’s not going to cower you know,” a husky voice interrupted.
Looking up with a smile he stood. Judd filled the doorway with his 6ft 6 frame. Brown eyes reflected the light, even the scars that ran across the left side if his face couldn’t even draw attention away from the eyes. Rafe took in the pose, the confidence and knew he had made a good choice for Beta. Behind the exterior held an honorable man that had been hurt. A protector.
“Damn Judd, it’s good to see you. I wasn’t expecting you for another week," he said.
“Yea, well, my old Alpha didn’t want me hanging around,” Judd shrugged
Rafe winced. He knew the old man was a bastard, but not give a person enough time to pack up was shitty.
“I was already packed Rafe, but,” he paused scratching the stubble on his jaw, “But I have a few stragglers with me. My sister and her mate, two of the lower enforces, Seth and James."
Rafe nodded thinking. He expected Tallie to come with her big brother. That’s what families did. The two enforcers were a pleasant surprise as well. He knew them both and the reason they had been on the lower rungs. Heath didn’t want wolves near him that might actually stand a chance of beating him. Not unless he had leverage. He knew that Judd had moved Tallie away the moment Rafe had headed home. Standing he moved over and gave the big man a hug.
“They are welcome, hell if they want they can start straight away in similar positions here. There are rooms in the house ready for you, little bit, and her mate. The other two can bunk in another until the rest of the place is good,” he nodded to himself liking the idea.
“Hurting for enforcers that bad huh?” the big man chuckled.
Rafe sighed as he moved to pour coffee for them both. The tray had appeared just before Judd. Now he knew why there were two cups.
“Fuck yes. Most of them left after Nicholas died. We have three and they have spent most of their time patrolling the city collecting up pups and trying to keep them in line.” Sipping his coffee he sat down with humph.
“Since the idiot died more and more rogues have showed up. Luckily it mostly kids running from bad situations,” he growled.
“Damn. Any potential?”
“Some. Right now I have them learning how to hunt. Enrolled them in school as needed, gotten jobs. There is so much to do damn it.”
Judd shook his head in amazement. Rafe had warned him it was be a rough year or so if he joined him here.
“What you need is a Beta and a few good fighters.”
Rafe grinned at him. Laughter escaped as Judd sat down he knew what Rafe was saying without actually speaking. The duo had been through much in the past in order for that bond to happen.
“I’m serious J. I want you to be my Beta," he said.
“I’m a mean son of a bitch Rafe. Not a leader of anything. Hell, Heath only kept me around to be the executioner when needed, you know that. The Alpha female wouldn’t come near me for fear I would rage.”
“That’s why I need you. You don’t want to be Alpha. The pack in smaller, weaker and we have a territory too big to police right now. The next year is going to see those kids learn the hard way to fight and protect. I have a few other contacts coming, but what I don’t need is someone trying to take me out. Not yet,” he sighed as he sat back. Judd sobered up at that. He’d kill anyone who tried to take his friend out. Rafe had saved him on many levels and earned his loyalty. Knowing full well that he would end up dealing with other people's shit, he caved.
The desperation Rafe had felt faded away. The next couple of years would be hard on the all. Integrating loan wolves, policing rogues up, hell just trying to become a family was an obstacle.
“Ok, so what do I have to work with right now? What is the most importance?” Judd asked knowing he wasn’t going to like.

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